Denver, Colorado, United States

Illustration, graphic design, comics, and logo design.


About Scorpio Steele

Since 2006 Scorpio Steele has been a professional illustrator, specializing in naturalistic figure drawing, cartooning, comic books, and logo design.

In addition to drawing by hand, he uses Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create his work.

Challenges are important to Scorpio, and he loves to create things which he has never made before. At the end of the day he enjoys knowing that he faced that challenge, recognized the details involved in its solution, and overcame it victoriously.

Professionalism is the ideal and code by which he lives. In over a decade of freelancing he has never missed one deadline. And no prima donna, this Scorpio! As much as he loves his own ideas he is always open to the viewpoints of others. He’s humble... yet ever confident that he will carry your project through to successful completion.

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